How It all Began

My love for collecting all started when I first walked into That's Entertainment. The store was located on Chandler st in Worcester Massachusetts at the time and I was only 5 years old. My father new I enjoyed reading and introduced me to the wonderful world of Comics.

The first Comic I picked up was X-MEN #1 Vol 2 you know the ones we can all find in he dollars bins because they where over produced lol!

The Hulk was the second comic and my Dad started a monthly box for me at the store

with X-men and Hulk. I would recycle bottles and do chores to pay for my comics.

I then fell into sports cards Which was sooo much fun!

As I have grown older 36 years as of writing this collecting fell away to life. My son was born when I was 17, and he became my priority, as he began to get older I was able to share my love with him. My Daughter Introduced to Pops, to Funko Pops! And I fell for them just like I did for Comics. They are so Cool and looking at one can invoke memories of a scene from a movie or show, Your favorite player dunking on another player, or just because you like cool collectibles!

My daughter and I have been purchasing Pops and mystery boxes since 2015, What I noticed about many boxes is their need to fill boxes with pins, fan art, and other for a lack of a better word Filler. I would rather you receive an extra pop that you can trade or a cool comic with a variant cover or first appearance, and is related to the rest of the box than filler.

So combining two things I love Is even Better.

Anime comes into play because of a little movie that played on MTV in 1995 that film is called Ninja Scroll and man let me tell you I became a huge Anime Fan. So for The last 25 years I have watched And spent so much money on Anime.There was a store called Media play, think to yourself Best buy married a Barnes and Noble and thats the store. DVD had just begun to dominate VHS and the Anime Section grew so rapidly, Me and My Friend Rei would pool money and buy anime movies. When we found Princess Mononoke, we knew Anime was just something we would keep in our lives forever.

I remember Running home to record DBZ so I could rewatch and show my friends, Yu Yu hakusho was a game changer, it was darker and more real, dealt with life and death, compare that to pokemon, or yu gi oh and toonami was the best thing on TV for a kid, who loved Anime, Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, Full Metal Alchemist so many good shows! (loved batman and X-men to) These Television shows mixed with Comics and collecting have fueled a life long Passion and I hope to be able to share that with the world

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